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About Josh Hildreth

Josh Hildreth lives his passion every day as an interior designer. He began in 2005 by founding a commercial interiors firm whose mission is to transform healthcare and workplace environments with interiors that emphasize beauty and encourage collaboration. At the heart of his firm and residential practice is a lifelong belief in the power of design to uplift the human experience. This ethos has inspired decades of study in the decorative arts, from classical antiquity to 20th-century modernism, and Josh draws on that rich cultural perspective to help clients reimagine their homes. 


But before he chooses the first paint sample, Josh spends time with his clients, getting to know them, their daily rhythms, and the way they use (or avoid) each space in their home. As ideas unfold for improvement, the first step is assessing the existing architecture: Is the fireplace mantel out of scale? Would the flow work better if a doorway were moved? “Study the envelope,” he says, because if the proportions are off, no amount of décor will make the space feel better.

From there, Josh designs space in layers of texture, finishes, art and fine furnishings. He calls upon an extensive range of resources to find custom and period pieces: Old and new live together; rough and smooth find the right ratio; the perfection of imperfection is quietly understood.

The end result is all about achieving a client’s practical needs while broadening their notion of what’s possible. “I see my role in the creative process as genial guide,” he says, “revealing new ideas and room elements to my clients that allow them to realize the living potential of their homes.”  


As Josh interprets his client’s desires, he has a staff to ensure the project is meticulously executed. His team includes interior architects, project managers and procurement specialists who provide turnkey support from the first meeting to the final installation. 

Josh is also the president of a full-service interior architecture and design firm, DMG Interiors. The firm includes the design of healthcare, hospitality and workplace environments.

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